Political and economic influence of China in developing countries

Lisandro Pérez (lisandro.perezh@gmail.com)
Political Sciences Faculty, University of Santiago de Compostela
June, 2012
International Relations Degree from University of El Salvador, holds a specialization in Development education from University of Valencia.


At present, China is one of the world economies with greater interest to be analyzed, not only for the remarkable growth that has experimented, if not also, China has other elements that are located in the center of international focus, referring as emblematic social problems of chinese population.
The role of the People's Republic of China as an emerging power and its potential weight in shaping a new world order has generated multiple perceptions of the international community to face the challenges and perspective for the Asian giant, on its future current global positioning.
But one of the most interesting aspects are the current international relations that China is forging in cooperation field and economic and diplomatic issues with developing countries, an interest that is consistent with China's ambitious foreigh policy.

ISSN: 2254-2035