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The Iberoamerican Journal of Development Studies has received the following title:

Geopolitics in Health
Eduardo J. Gómez
Johns Hopkins University Press


The Journal will select a reader willing to write a book's review. The reviews will be published in this Book Reviews section.

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Book Reviews in process

Piece through Entrepeneurship: Investing in a Startup Culture for Security and Development
Steven R. Koltai, con Matthew Muspratt
Brookings Institution Press

This book is being reviewed by: 

PhD Ramón-Antonio Gutiérrez Palacios 
Coordinador CMIP


The Democracy Promotion Paradox
Lincoln A. Mitchell 
Brookings Institution Press

This book is being reviewed by:

Professor Dr. Alexandre César Cunha Leite.
Associate Professor, Undergrad and (post) Graduate, International
Relations, UEPB (State University of Paraiba), Brazil


[ Call for book reviews ]

The Iberoamerican Journal of Development Studies invites international researchers on Development to send book reviews on new books on Development Studies. These books have to meet the editorial line of the Journal on development understood as the social, economic, political, cultural and technological process of change. The book reviews have to meet the Unesco definitions: being an evaluative comment of a book, not only summarizing it. Book reviews should not exceed 2000 words.
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Politics and Emotions, written by A. Scribano

Studium Press LLC, 2018

Pages: 240

Price: $ 49.95

ISBN: 162699109X

Book reviewed by Maximiliano E. Korstanje, University of Palermo, Argentina


Poverty and Morality. Religious and Secular Perpsectives, written by William A. Galston and Peter H. Hoffenberg

Cambridge University Press, 2010

330 pages

Price:  £ 23.99

ISBN: 9780521127349

Book reviewed by José María Larrú Ramos, University CEU San Pablo  (Spain)



Anatomía de una integración que no fue, written by Daniele Benzi

Ediciones Imago Mundi (Buenos Aires), 2017

160 pages

Price:  $ 190

ISBN: 978-950-793-297-7 

Book reviewed by Rafael Domínguez Martín, University of Cantabria  (Spain)