Vol. 12, No 1 (2023): January - June 2023



150 180

Table of Contents

The «cuencana» experience as a «rite of passage» for Spanish academic migration to Ecuador PDF
María del Rocío Pérez-Gañán, María Jara Rodríguez-Fariñas 6-29

Citizen security as a fundamental element for human development: analysis crimes in Chile using a spatiotemporal logistic model PDF
Pablo Cadena-Urzúa, Adina Iftimi, Francisco Montes-Suay 30-49

Global citizenship and poverty. Exploratory research of future teachers’ narratives in Cantabria (Spain) and proposals to reorientate their training PDF
Adelina Calvo-Salvador, Carlos Rodríguez-Hoyos, Elia Fernández-Díaz 50-73

Curvilinear relationship between ethical leadership and creativity within the Colombian electricity sector. The mediating role of work autonomy, affective commitment, and intrinsic motivation PDF
Carlos Santiago-Torner 74-100

Analysis of the social and legal barriers limiting the consolidation of non-conventional energy sources in La Guajira (Colombia) PDF
Carlos Javier Velásquez-Muñoz, Nellis Meliza Redondo-Moscote 102-124

Climate change policy implementation in Buenos Aires (2015-2020) PDF
Daniela Mariana Yáñez 126-146

Strategies of development and social inclusion through culture. The musical societies of the Community of Valencia and the Abreu System in Venezuela PDF
María Luz Rivera-Fernández 148-163

Family policy in South America: a comparative analysis PDF
Leidi Viviana Moreno-Parra, Carmen Verde-Diego, Rubén González-Rodríguez 164-190

Obesity and overweight among the poor and marginalized in rural Mexico: impact analysis of the effect of school breakfasts on children aged five to eleven PDF
Odra A. Saucedo-Delgado, Marcela De-La-Sota-Riva-Echánove, Leovardo Mata 192-216

What changes the Skill premium in South America? PDF
Susana Herrero-Olarte, Christopher Rivadeneira-Cornejo 218-240

From the Anthropocene to the Ecocene: legal proposals of the ecosocial transition for the care of life PDF
Susana Borràs-Pentinat 242-273

VI International Conference on Development Studies Awarded Papers

The development paradox: community consultations in postwar Guatemala PDF
Vaclav Masek 276-300

ISSN: 2254-2035