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The Jounal welcomes submissions for its Open Forum section, as well as for its Special Issue section. For the Open Forum section, manuscripts can be sent at any time. For the Special Issue section, we recommend you to see the Calls at:

Manuscripts should be submitted through the electronic submission system of the Journal, in Word format.

The authors’ name and affiliation has to be removed from the text. The text will contain the following elements:

  • Title.

  • Abstract up to 150 words. The aim of the abstract is the assessment of the manuscript potential interest. It will not contain references.

  • 3 to 6 keywords to inform of the main content of the paper.

  • Paper, including the bibliographical references.

  • Figures and tables will appear at the end of the paper, each one in a different page.

  • If the manuscript is in Spanish, it has to provide title, summary and keywords in English.
Manuscripts should be double-spaced. They should not exceed 10000 words. Pages should be numerated. Each figure and table should indicate its position in the main text. Every formula should be written with Equation Editor. Footnotes and endnotes should be kept to a minimum and avoided in general.

The text will be divided into sections. If needed, it can contain sub-sections and epigraphs. They will be numbered as follows:




All manuscripts will end with a Conclusions section. This section will sum up the value of the paper and future research directions, if applicable.

References will appear in the text with the name of the author, followed by the year of publication, for example (Brown and Berger 2001); or (Brown et al 2001) for more than two authors. If several references are provided, the less recent should be the first one.

At the end of the paper, all the references should be arranged in alphabetical order. This references list should not use “et al”; instead, all the names of the coauthors should be provided. If a given reference has the same year and author, it should indicate a, b, after the year, for example (Brown 2001a).

Citation style of the Journal:


Wheelock D, Wilson PW (1999). Technical progress, inefficiency, and productivity change in US banking. Journal of Money, Credit and Banking 31(2):212-234


Glover F, Yo M, Laguna M (1997). Tabu Search. Kluwer Academic Publishers, London

Book chapters:

Zeller M, Sharma M, Henry C, Lapenu C (2002). An operational tool for evaluating poverty outreach of development policies and projects. In: Zeller M, Meyer RL (eds). The Triangle of Microfinance. John Hopkins University Press, Baltimore and London, pp 172-195

Doctoral Theses:

Mourtos I (2003). Integer and constraint programming methods for mutually orthogonal latin squares. Doctoral Thesis, University of London

Internet sites:

The in-text citation will follow the same rules as papers or books, for example (Martín 2004). The references list will provide the complete URL and the date when the page was accessed.

SPI (2003). Social Performance Indicators for the Financial Industry., accesed 8 June 2007


Review process:

The manuscript will be evaluated, in a first stage, by the Board of Associate Editors. They will assess if the manuscript is suitable within the aims and scope of the Journal. Manuscripts meeting the aims and scope of the Journal will be sent out for external double blind review. Reviewers can accept, reject or suggest changes to the author.

Manuscripts must not have been published previously or simultaneously submitted to other journals. Authors should not submit papers previously published or forthcoming in books with ISBN codes. Notice that submitted manuscripts can be examined to prevent plagiarism or any other inadequate behaviour.

ISSN: 2254-2035