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Aims and Scope:

Ibero-American Journal of Development Studies publishes high quality multidisciplinary research on development, understood as the social, economic, political, cultural and technological process of change. This kind of development has to provide more and fair equality of opportunities to everyone, and thus to enable the development of all its potentials. It has also to preserve for future generations the access and use of natural resources, environment and cultural heritage.

Papers can have a theoretical, empirical, or public policy focus. They have to present the results of original research, with clear arguments, empirical evidence and a high quality writing style.

The intended audience of the journal includes development academics, researchers and practitioners in a multidisciplinary scope. This scope includes Legal and Social Science, Health Science, Fundamental Science, Arts and Humanities, or Engineering and Architecture.

The Journal is jointly pubished by the Chair of Development Cooperation, based at the Universidad de Zaragoza (Spain) and the Spanish Network of Development Studies (REEDES). The editorial board consists of the editors-in-chief, some associate editors, and the editorial advisory board. The editors are responsible for the editorial and scientific policy of the journal, as well as for the coordination of the editorial process. Prestigious international researchers sit on the editorial advisory board, with the aim of advising the editors.

The journal publishes two issues per year. The journal provides free online access to the papers. Manuscripts sent for publication may be written either in English or Spanish. Spanish manuscripts have to provide English title, summary and keywords.

Manuscripts are subject to a double blind referee process. Referees are external experts, and do not belong to the editorial board or the publisher of the journal. Blind referees assess the originality, relevance and scientific quality of the contribution. They will communicate their editorial decision to the editors.

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Vol 5, Issue 1 (2016): January - June 2016

Monográfico Cooperación Sur-Sur y procesos de integración

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Table of Contents

Special Issue

The Politics of Technical Assistance in Regional Integration Processes: Mesoamerican Insights PDF
Patricia Eugenia Almaguer-Kalixto 6-30

¿Hacia una Nueva Arquitectura Financiera Regional? Problemas y perspectivas de la cooperación monetaria en el ALBA-TCP PDF
Daniele Benzi, Tomás Guayasamín, Monica Vergara 32-61

Cooperación financiera para el desarrollo, ADN de la Cooperación Sur-Sur PDF
Rafael Domínguez-Martín 62-86

La cooperación Sur-Sur y el reto de su cuantificación, evaluación y valoración PDF
Analilia Huitron 88-122

Open Forum

Construction of International Cooperation strategies: An inquiry into the learning experience PDF
Carmen Amelia Coral-Guerrero 126-153

Desigualdad y deudas hipotecarias en Colombia PDF
Yolanda Guerrero-Pino 154-180

Macroeconomic Policy Reforms and Economic Performance in Malawi 1960-2013 PDF
Themba Gilbert Chirwa, Nicholas M. Odhiambo 182-203

ISSN: 2254-2035